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Sea & Spa
Μassage Mykonos

SEA & SPA Mykonos inaugurates a modern era and philosophy of spas, combining techniques and treatments from around the world.
We use a wide range of high quality cosmetics from the Dead Sea, body, face and hair.
A wide list of treatments for men and women, including:


Zanzibar - African massage 90’
A bioenergetics’ massage that combines spirit, soul and body. It helps the joints, cellulite and gives you energy all day!
Ayurvedic - Indian massage 90’
These massage techniques provide relaxation, circulation and elimination of toxins.
Lava Shells Tropical Massage 60’
A tropical massage with  natural shells of Pacific Ocean for a deep muscle relaxation.
Candle Massage 60’
Massage with warm candle oil that deeply hydrates your skin like never before!
Sea of Spa Massage 60’
A special anti-aging massage that contains a face cream with high concentration of pure collagen and hyaluronic acid and a body cream enriched with black pearl powder, jojoba oil and calendula.
Relaxing Massage 60’
A full body relaxing massage that helps to accomplish harmony and balance between mind and body.
Deep Tissue 50’
Is a massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscles tissue.
Aromatotherapy 50’
This massage will bring a maximum sense of relaxation optimized by the calming effects of the warm essential oils.
Prenatal Massage 50’ 
Massage therapist that is specifically trained will provide a comfortable and relaxing massage for the mother-to-be. A gentle massage is used to relieve pains associated with pregnancy.
Anti-Stress Back Massage 30’
Focusing on the specific areas of the back, neck and shoulder in order to release muscle tension.
Foot Reflexology 25’
Therapeutic foot treatment that promotes relaxation relieves stress, sun block congestion and improves circulation.
Baby Massage 25’
Research shows that with regular touch babies cry less and sleep better. Give a massage to your baby for deeper relaxation!


Body Treatments
“SEA & SPA” spa treatment..90’
A holistic treatment for face and body that offers you ultimate relaxation!  The enhanced mud mask enriched with powerful antioxidant Sallow thorns, coconut, aloe Vera and carrot oil, helps in detoxification and antoxidation of your face and body. A treatment that allows you to regain a firmer and smoother skin!
Cleopatra Body Sensation..60’
A therapy with deep moisturizing effects that helps to the elasticity of your skin. The combination of famous Sea of Spa Body Mask is rich of 3 essential oils of coconut, avocado, olive, shea butter, 27% dead sea salt concentration will leave your skin shiny and soft especially for the hot summer days. 
A pre-sun treatment designed to exfoliate dry skin cells and open pores! Hydrates and protects the skin with the usage of mineral Sun Block, rich of coconut oil, vitamin E, hippophaes (sallow thorns) and grapes oil. The best preparation for deep and long lasting sun-tanning!
Goddess of Sunset..30’
Even the most golden olive skin tone needs a moisture after a day in the sun. A rich aloe vera gel and aloe vera cream intended to cool, hydrate and refresh the skin. A perfect full body thirst quencher for tired sensitive skin!
Express Aromatic Salt Exfoliation..20’
An express exfoliation with salt scrub and aromatic oil leaving skin deeply nourished, smoothed and hydrated.
Anti Cellulite Therapy..45’
A proprietary blend of 7 wild-harvested herbal ingredients combined with our snug compression wraps allow for an up to 10” loss throughout the body, in just one treatment. The treatment stimulates metabolism, firms and tones the body and dramatically improves the appearance of cellulite with the Power of Dead Sea Mud of Sea of Spa.

Hand - Body Therapy
Treatment for dry hand rich in magnesium and Cleopatra’s foot bath therapy

Depilation - Threading
Face and Body

Give yourself the rejuvenation, beauty, energy and the renewal that it deserves!


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